Friday, July 24, 2009

Display Output Interface

The variety of interface that is used also increasingly diverse. Along with the diversity of standard image that is required. This is the type of popularity interface that is still used, and will be used in the future.

VGA Outputs (D-Sub)
This is the standard output the most popular used before the digital interface DVI (Digital Visual Interface). Here, VGA have a little different.Not a video graphics array, but video graphics adapter. Name of VGA output is D-Sub 15. Because the shape is similar to the letter D pin and the number of 15 units.

DVI Outputs
Start introduced since 2004,most products in the video card. Unless for some product segments value. If you still use the display analog, to be able to utilize adapter is required to convert from DVI output into VGA / D-Sub.

High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) is the standard of the future begin found in many product stop class. Interface that one can bring the output video and also audio in one cable. Standard HDMI actually created to apply on the use of home entertainment.But with high and high definitions a secure format, this format is also adopted in the PC industry.HDMI is a standard interface for connection which was developed by a combination Hitachi, Panasonic, RCA, Silicon Image,Sony, and Toshiba since 2002.Use HDMI interface growing as a connection standard for HDTV. Not only to consumer electronic devices, also on the PC. If the interface is not strange that this one start can be found on the video card even with the motherboard graphic controller that is integrated.This digital interface, along with the DVI,is the standard interface used by HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection). HDCP is the standardization specification created by Intel, for protection DRM (digital right management)content of digital audio and video.

Component Video
This type of video output using three separate coaxial jack. Called "Y","Pb", and "Pr". Individual send me information for a different color Standard HDTV (high definition television).While still including the connection with the analog signals, but the quality that is capable of produced enough good, approaching a given output VGA. With availability of the separate color signals and resolution high enough.With the need for the three-port coaxial jack, regular size too big to enable integrated with say a video card. Usually will are presented in the form of a dongle separate. Dongle is also sometimes accompanied with the same port for S-Video or other connection.
Composite Video
You may be known as the jack RCA (Radio Corporation of America). Output one type of video that is actually have long known first. First usually used on TV and the device other supporters. Such as VCRs,game console, and so on. Video signal will be channeled through a simple cable.Result, the connection is only able to produce analog signal with a resolution low, the size for now. Less suitable for display, say view with any posts on the withdrawal screen. But still sufficient to the needs of the television other, such as game console, or the resolution standard definition video other.

S-Video (a.k.a. S-VHS)
Interface known as the S-Video (Super Video) or Super VHS. Are also to analog video signals, which were first technology already used in the television industry.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summary of Asus, Plextor, Sapphire RADEON, and Seagate

I just wanna tell you a little summary of :

  • ASUS EAX1950PRO Series.
  • Plextor PlexEraser PX-OE100E.
  • Sapphire RADEON X1650 PRO AGP.
  • Seagate DB35.

ASUS EAX1950PRO Series
ASUS released the latest series from ASUS EAX1950PRO with a tour fi fan sink with temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. All ASUS EAX1950PRO provides stability and performance balanced and made for the operating system the future of Microsoft Windows Vista.Series solutions including ASUS EAX1950PROgrafi s: EAX1950PRO CrossFire/HDTP/256Mand EAX1950PRO/HDTP/256M. ASUS SeriesEAX1950PRO based ATI RadeonX1950PRO GPU equipped with design fan to remove the heat sink with better and improve overall performance.Fan sink design ensures this new video card still cold, even though you are run applications.
Also supports ASUS EAX1950PRO ATI Technology CrossFire, which allow two video card installed at the same time to increase video quality. In order to meet the standard operating system Windows Vista, ASUS EAX1950PRO HDCP features that make your can upgrade the system to support digital content and applications grafi s other. Series ASUS EAX1950PRO technology has Splendid Video Intelligence, the only tour fi can be found on the ASUS video card. With This technology automatically image the displayed can be adjusted with the humans.

Plextor PlexEraser PX-OE100E
Plextor CD release perangat crusher / DVD with the latest laser technology, Plextor PlexEraser PX-OE100E. PlexEraser drive This method uses a safe and can be used for companies or individuals. Plextor PX-PlexEraser can be operated OE100E without using a computer and is an alternative from the crusher another disc. Plextor believe, Plextor PlexEraser PX-OE100E is very useful to the firm have a lot of sensitive data, such as military, bank, government, and others.

Sapphire RADEON X1650 PRO AGP
To support the viability AGP video card technology that is now increasingly few, Sapphire released a video card with technology AGP, Sapphire Radeon X1650 PRO AGP. Sapphire Radeon X1650 offers affordable price and high performance. Sapphire Radeon X1650 is the successor of the X1600 series made for high-efficiency, performance technology that supports Shader Model 3.0, and improving the quality of the image. Sapphire Radeon X1650 PRO AGP has a tour fi Avivo gives the quality maximum image and video playback with standard High definition (HD).

Seagate DB35
Seagate released back in the hard drive for the notebook that will be equipped with fi tour DriveTrust. Momentus FDE.2hard drive series, will have the technology on board, meaning does not require special software or particular hardware. This technology be the DB35 Series hard drives, all of which akan have DriveTrust technology. According Segate, hardware 5,400-RPM based full disc encryption to provide more protection compared with the traditional encryption technology that many used at this time and highly vulnerable to piracy. To user password only needed to access full self-authenticate the drive, while the development of the technology of third parties provide choice and protection fingerprint smart card for multi-factor self-authentication. Furthermore, Seagate distribute hard drive encryption DB35 series with the manufacturer develop products that DVRs. DB35 hard drive mechanism to provide masks are needed to avoid so that the user not to copy television illegally to another computer.

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PS3 or PC Gaming

Your confusion to choose between purchase a high-end PC or a console? Indeed, for the PS3 only at this time function as a multimedia device. In addition to gaming, it can also used to watch DVD movies or play music, but the PS3 can not be used to work. Suppose you want to make weekly reports, or the the work of graphic you can not use the PS3 console, which you need is a PC.

But not the PS3 console is not possible this later will be a PC, where all devices that have the PC have all this in the PS3 console. Such as processor, graphic card, RAM, LAN Card and Wi-Fi already have this in the console. Changes from the console PC has to be done next gen consoles
competitors, the Xbox360, which is not long lagi akan provide keyboard and mouse so that the console can be used as a PC.

Specification of the PS3 will also be super said. Console is the Cell Processor speed 3.2 GHz with a
developed by three different manufacturers, namely Sony, IBM, and Toshiba. That make This is called the console as the console is super he has seven core in a die processor each working on 3.2 GHz. Far higher than the PC processor which is currently still using the quad (four) core in the two die. Graphic card used this is in the console with the nVIDIA RSX bandwidth of 550 MHz and using RAM 256 MB of GDDR3. This console able to produce the performance of To 2.0 TFLOPS and 1.8 TFLOPS system for graphic. Do not lose it with the video card from nVIDIA that the 8800 chip set.

The advantages of this console it is already using Blue-ray Disc ROM (BD-ROM), BD-ROM is for sale at this time if separate price could reach U.S. $ 1000. With the specification in such a "great", reasonable if the console is called the Super "Mini" computer. Not difficult to choose between PS3 and PC gaming? For more simple, first make sure that for the purpose of what you are buying a device. If You need a device for entertainment or home entertainment, this console can choose. However, if you require a more device to work, at this time the PC is still become the main option.

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